Who We Are

We are here to inspire you to live your best life and we are committed to sharing tools that can assist you throughout your self-healing journey. Our main focus is to inspire you to take personal accountability for the life you create. SeedsOfLove.Life is an advocate of personal, social, and environmental transformation through art, natural living and wellness. We are raising funds to build Seeds of Love Art & Nature Preserve so we can continue to offer curated experiences, events, (w)holistic services and products designed to empower the minds, hearts, and hands of individuals to grow and be the Seeds of Love.

What We Do

We empower individuals through Curated Experiences, Special Projects, DIY Workshops, Natural Healing Sessions and Community Engagement through Outreach which includes:


The Woman Behind the Movement 

Adrienne Wade is a Celebrated Creative Artist, Master Reiki Facilitator, Natural Living Advocate, and the Founder of www.SeedsOfLove.Life She has studied and worked with several masters and luminaries; learning the essentials of Reiki, vibrational healing, organic gardening, (w)holistic health, plant-based nutrition, creative arts, and environmental sustainability.

Her passion for assisting people in creating more love began at a very young age. With gardening, natural healing and art in her genes, she felt the call to assist others in finding ways to live a more harmonious, fulfilled, sustainable lifestyle. She continues to conduct classes and workshops, and donates much of her time and energy to community projects that create neighborhood beautification, healing through health, wellness awareness, and the art of living naturally.

Adrienne’s art and activism are connected to spreading love and self-transformation. Her artistic creations have been exhibited in art shows throughout the country, and she has been commissioned to create inspirational murals in both the public and private sector throughout Europe and the United States. Adrienne is also a sought-after audio engineer working with companies who make socially conscious documentaries and television shows. She has been fortunate to work alongside people like Oprah and Jimmy Carter, and many others who share their stories about how to thrive and create change on mother earth.

Her website, SeedsOfLove.Life, was created to assist us in recognizing our ability to heal ourselves and our planet through our actions. It is this belief that drives her to cultivate and share practices, products, and experiences that engage humankind to tap into harmonious living and inner balance.

Adrienne's mission is to nurture a growing platform for the interconnection of life, health, art, and living naturally. Her gift for combining all her talents is now inspiring people to plant and foster the Seeds of Love, peace, and harmony.

How We Do It

Seeds of Love partners and collaborates with:

  • Artists, Healers, Gardeners etc.

  • Local Businesses/ non-profits

  • Schools of All Levels (k-12 and collegiate)

  • Community Organizations

  • Public Interest Groups

Seeds of Love operates through:

  • Sponsors

  • Self Funding

  • Service Exchange

  • Grant Seeking

  • Donations

  • Generous Volunteers