How Art, Nature, and Connection celebrates Urban Sanctuaries in the city. 

Mother Earth a Beautiful Place to Belong is an art show featuring the work of international artist Adrienne Wade. Her paintings, hand-woven tapestries, and wearable art communicate a very special story about our willingness to create a new way forward. This noteworthy art experience was on view in the spring of 2018 at Stoneview Nature Center. The exhibit was designed around the preservation of nature, people power, culture, and life. The show was on view for 3 weeks and was dedicated to messages and actions that connect us with ourselves, each other and our environment. Watch the video above to see some of the highlights from the opening.

Soul for Sole:

Do you know how special you are? 


Do you honor that you are on a unique path full of lessons and opportunities designed for your growth?


Are you living and walking in your truth?


Learn how art, metaphysics and style creates an opportunity for you to be part of an exclusive wearable art collection celebrating people like you.


Soul to Sole Collection is a hand painted wearable art collection by Adrienne W. Each piece in this collection is made for its wearer and is adorned with Paint Medicine.

Click here  to learn more.

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